Toro Canyon Park Road Residence

In 2006 PLC was hired as general contractor to perform the civil engineered site work at a residence at Toro Canyon Park Road. PLC worked directly for the owners, while a separate general contractor performed the construction of the residence at this location.

This site is a large rural property on the outskirts of Carpinteria. Perched on a ridge surrounded by chaparral scrub oaks, the site required a large amount of improvements to make a fire-safe site that was ready for construction.

PLC performed all grading required for the new residence and 3,000 foot long access road including paving. PLC constructed a soldier pile retaining wall to support the road at a location of geologic concern adjacent to the roadway.We installed the water system piping for fire protection, hydrant, well and domestic water pipe lines, Edison phone and cable conduits, and underground drainage system. PLC also installed the Advantex treatment system required for septic systems in this area.